Current Members

Robert Gorrie

Vice President Communications

Rob is a M.Sc. Computer Science student studying Cryptography under Dr. Stebila. He did his Bachelors in Computer Science here at McMaster.

Rob's research interests include Post-Quantum Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Quantum Computing & Blockchain technologies.

Josh Barkovic

Vice President Technology

Josh is currently a M.A.Sc Student Software Engineering, previously graduating with a B.Eng from McMaster. He is responsible for administration and design of the LICS website.

Areas of Research: Safety Assurance of Automotive Software Systems


Michael Liut

Vice President Finance


Michael is currently a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate, previously graduating with a M.Eng, and B.A.Sc. at McMaster. He is a very passionate and driven individual that looks forward to channeling his energy into the betterment of the graduate community.

Areas of Research: Compilers, Data Analytics, Programming Languages, Optimization


Geneva Smith

Editor-In-Chief, LiCS Newsletter

Geneva is the current Editor-In-Chief of the monthly LiCS newsletter.

She is a M.A.Sc. (Software Engineering) Student at McMaster University

Sasha Soraine

Vice President Events

Sasha is a M.A.Sc. Candidate at McMaster University

Dan Szymczak


Sessional Instructor & Ph.D. Candidate at McMaster University

Guy Meyer

Weekly Events Coordinator

Guy is a Masters Student and Coordinator of Weekly Sports Events for LiCS