Game Dev Seminar

The Amazing Super Steampunk Pinball 2D
ITB 201

Ever wanted to get a game on Steam? Come to the GameDev seminar organized by LICS to learn more!!


Note: The Seminar is at 11:30 AM this week



Shady Shaders

Thomas Gwosdz - Ph.D. Student

In games we hear all about "The Graphics!" and Shaders, and Eye-Candy, but what is computer graphics? what are shaders? and are they useful for anything other than eye-candy? we will explore the history of graphics, and their strange evolution to more

Bots All The Way Down

Joshua Barkovic - Masters Student

Josh has been working on a self playing Tetris clone written in Java. He will explain what Backtracking is and how to build a basic bot using it.

Releasing Your First Indie Game

Nicholas Moore - Ph.D. Student

Nick is the very talented and long suffering creator of the high pressure, high stakes Super Steampunk Pinball 2D, available on steam. He will be talking about the adventures and pitfalls of developing and releasing your very own Indie game.