Former Members

Robert Gorrie

Vice President Communications

Rob is a M.Sc. Computer Science student studying Cryptography under Dr. Stebila. He did his Bachelors in Computer Science here at McMaster.

Rob's research interests include Post-Quantum Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Quantum Computing & Blockchain technologies.

Michael Liut

Vice President Finance


Michael is currently a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate, previously graduating with a M.Eng, and B.A.Sc. at McMaster. He is a very passionate and driven individual that looks forward to channeling his energy into the betterment of the graduate community.

Areas of Research: Compilers, Data Analytics, Programming Languages, Optimization


Joe Guan

Vice President Operations

Joe is currently a Ph.D. Student Software Engineering. His research interests include Geometrical Optimization and Parallel Computing

Website: Joe Guan

Alice Zou

Formerly VP Internal/External


  • Position: VP Internal/External
  • Program: M.A.Sc. Computer Science (Graduated)
  • Research Interests: Queueing Theory
  • Website: Alice Zou

Vincent Maccio

Formerly VP Communications

  • Position: VP Communications
  • Program: Ph.D. Candidate Software Engineering
  • Research Interests: Queueing Theory, Stochastic Modelling
  • Website: Vincent Maccio

Alexander Schaap

Formerly VP Technology


  • Position: VP Technology
  • Program: Ph.D. Student Software Engineering
  • Research Interests: Programming Languages, Generative Programming
  • Website: Alexander Schaap

Nicholas Moore

Vice President Events

Nicholas is a fourth-year PhD student living in Hamilton Ontario. He is supervised by Dr. Mark Lawford, of the Computing and Software Department of the Faculty of Engineering. His research interests include Formal Methods, Compiler Theory, and Hardware Design.


Dan Szymczak


Sessional Instructor & Ph.D. Candidate at McMaster University